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Newform Group have the experience and expertise to deliver facility building designs for a wide range of clients. We are used to working on complex building projects with challenging programmes and high customer expectations. Our team works closely with our clients and professional advisors to understand the requirements, minimise potential risks, and ensure we deliver the highest quality on every project.


Newform Group have been constructing new buildings as principal contractor for over twenty five years in Dublin and the rest of Ireland. We work in close collaboration with our clients and their advisors to create new residential and commercial facilities. On every project our aim is to deliver on-time, on-budget and with zero defects as part of our commitment to Integrity.



Dry lining systems are suitable for many different types of building; new-build to restoration and refurbishment; traditional to contemporary styling.


If you are opting for coloured render, our professionals will make a sample and allow it to fully dry before commencing the rendering job. This will ensure that the render is the correct colour. If grey cement is being used, more colour will be required than if using white cement. Render can provide a variety of decorative effects depending on the finishing techniques used but this is a tricky process and should be done by a qualified professional.


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New Form Dry Lining has been in the construction industry since 1987. We have been involved in the construction of multiple different projects such as building luxury and residential properties. These types of jobs involved, preparing the site and liaising with other construction professionals such as architects, engineers, buyers, estimators and surveyors before construction work starts. Developing a program of work and a strategy for making the project happen. Planning ahead to prevent problems on site before they occur, planning the delivery and storage of equipment and materials. Making safety inspections on the site before and when work is underway and ensuring regulations relating to Health and Safety and the environment (HSE).

  • Chartered Construction Management – (MCIOB)
  • Degree, Construction Management
  • Dip – Management
  • NVQ’s Technical Plastering & drylining
  • City and Guilds tec Plastering

In my work place I continually encourage employees to develop their skills by taking on any new training that may be needed in certain areas within the construction industry and using a construction management software package to plan workflows. (Keeping up to date with Health and Safety legislation etc.) Monitoring my personal development is vital to the success of the plan. It is not just enough for me to draw up and implement a plan, I must constantly monitor my progress; otherwise I will not know how I am progressing. Monitoring my plan constantly will ensure my ultimate success in achieving a Masters of Science In Project Management.


Determine and analyze risks related to construction and site activities, carry out evaluations according to progress, perform management activities to prevent or minimize the risks.


Maintain a management system approach to activity health and safety in accordance with the necessities of Bachelor of Science OHSAS 18001:2007.


Provide and maintain machinery, plant, facilities, instrumentality and systems of labour that square measure safe and while not risks to health.


Ensure safety and also the absence of risks to health in reference to the employment, control, handling, storage and transport of materials and substances.


Provide and maintain an adequate setting which is safe and of no risk to health and safety and supply applicable facilities for welfare of others.


Ensure that the roles and responsibilities of management and staff square measure clearly outlined and appointed in the least levels.

Ensure that all Contractors engaged in reference to the Company’s business square measure competent in respect of necessary health, safety and environmental necessities.


Provide adequate resources (including coaching, data, guidance, direction, plant & instrumentality, and support services) for the accomplishment of this policy.

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