NewForm Group Provides Complete House Extensions In Ireland

Living in a small home can be cozy – but up to a certain point only. Over the years, as you continue to grow your family, a small house can suddenly feel quite restricting and suffocating.


In such situations, the best option is to seek services that can extend parts of your property. And who else provides the best house extensions in Ireland than us at NewForm Group in the country?


Our company has been working tirelessly for over 35 years, providing high quality services to clients in and around the country. We make sure to leave customers satisfied with all our projects.


What Our House Extensions In Ireland Look Like

Generally speaking, there is nothing too fancy when it comes to providing such extension services. Overall, it can be quite complicated, but that is an issue our professionals know how to deal with best.


We will send over a team of contractors for the job to your location, who can then assess the situation. Our experts are all verified and certified in what they do, so you can rest assured that your house will be in good hands.


After assessing the structure and blueprint of your property, only then will our contractors come up with a quote that fits your project best. Of course, clients are always welcome to pitch in their own ideas and opinions regarding the extension design.


We make sure to take the shortest yet most efficient route when it comes to long-term complete renovation projects such as adding extensions.


We Always Take Customer Opinion Into Account

One of the main reasons why clients all over the country keep referring us to as their friends is because of our dedication. We take every opinion into account, especially the customer’s. This allows us to build something that the client personally chose, ensuring complete satisfaction over the project.


As a policy built over the years we have worked, we always make sure to work closely with the clients and their legal advisors, in order to ensure there is no discrepancy in the job.


On top of that, it also helps us be more confident when carrying out the project, therefore resulting in a long-lasting extension that will easily beat the test of time.


Our Integrity To The Job Is Unparalleled

There is no better and more important policy in the firm than being sincere throughout the job. Our integrity lies in delivering timely, perfect and zero defective services for house extensions in Ireland when working closely with clients.


We would hate to be the kind of company known for slacking off during a project. Instead, we take pride in working hard to ensure a good name for the establishment, something that our clients do agree upon with us.


If you are still unsure about what we can and cannot do for you, then go ahead and call our customer service center. Be sure to ask for a free quote, so that we can assess your issue and come up with a game plan on how to tackle it.